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Huoniao HN 125-8 servicing and maintenance

Side stand switch
Engine oil change
oil change 1
Valve clearance
Valve clearance 1
Valve clearance 2
Side stand switch
Side stand switch1

Had a problem where the bike cut out one Saturday afternoon.
I had plenty of fuel and a reasonable spark at the spark plug. Eventually the bike started off the kick start so limped it home where after switching off it wouldn't re-start

I had read on a Chinese bike forum that the side stand switch can give problems. So this was my first port of call.
I removed the switch completely

Side stand switch

I dismantled the switch looking for water /corrosion. It was clean and dry. The 4 pin connector plug was clean and dry as i had greased it up when i put the bike together.

Next was to connect a link wire to the rear of the 4 pin connector, you are joining the two yellow/red wires.

The bike started straight away.

A clean, dry switch

link wire in rear of 4 pin connector

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