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Huoniao HN 125-8 servicing and maintenance

Engine oil change
oil change 1
Valve clearance
Valve clearance 1
Valve clearance 2
Side stand switch
Side stand switch1


I have had this bike since September and is only used as a run about. Since owning I have found very little tech data both in the poor owners manual and on the net.

What i aim to do is to photograph and record repairs that i carry out in case it is helpful to someone looking for info.
The down side is...if its really reliable then i won't be updating this very often

HN125 engine

This engine appears to be used in a lot of chinese bikes in one form or another.

The engine is a single cylinder, over head valve design with just the 2 valves even though it has twin exhausts.


Huoniao HN 125-8. An owners blogg.

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