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Huoniao HN 125-8 servicing and maintenance

Valve clearance
Engine oil change
oil change 1
Valve clearance
Valve clearance 1
Valve clearance 2
Side stand switch
Side stand switch1

Valve clearance on these engines should be done with the engine cold. I set the clearance to 0.003" on both valves.I got the settings from various forums and looking at info on a similar engine.

shown with inlet valve open(left side in picture)

With the engine cold, remove the rocker top this is held in place with 3 bolts. Gently tap the cover with a soft head hammer as the cover has a rubber gasket which sticks to the head. Remove the spark plug, this will ease turning the engine over by hand.
On the left side of the engine is a chrome cover held by 4 bolts

Chrome cover removed

This gives access to the flywheel bolt to enable better control of turning the engine over.

The bolt is 17mm. Using a suitable socket rotate the engine clockwise,as you look at it, until you see the inlet valve open.

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