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Huoniao HN 125-8 servicing and maintenance

Engine oil change
Engine oil change
oil change 1
Valve clearance
Valve clearance 1
Valve clearance 2
Side stand switch
Side stand switch1

As the engine is "of old design" i decided to go for an oil designed for motorbikes. Halfords 10w40 4stroke oil semi synthetic.

Run the engine for about 10 mins as warm oil flows better than cold. Place a suitable container under the drain plug and using a suitable 17mm socket or ring spanner remove the plug.

Whilst the oil is draining remove the oil fillercap/dip stick.

Cover of oil filter/strainer

The above picture shows the location of the oil filter/strainer cover. You will require a 23mm socket or spanner to remove. There is a spring under the cover to hold the filter in place so beware when removing the cover.

Cover removed. spring and filter in position.

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